Known to the world as Matie Killer, international woman of mystery, Katie Miller actually is a Seattle-based art director and designer.

Katie is in high demand for her witty illustrations and vibrant designs, backed by 16 years of experience as a designer for clients such as Starbucks, 
T-Mobile, Deloitte, Moving Comfort, and Microsoft. She combines expertise in type, color and layout with marketing strategy, branding and user experience design.

When she’s not at her computer, she can most often be found wandering the forests of the Pacific Northwest or the beaches of Maui, her original home turf.

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Katie has a strong love of cheesy surf movies along with a strong love of cheesy surf movie quotes. Here are her favorites, she highly recommends these movies:

“No one surfs forever.” – Big Wednesday
“You die. People die there.” – Blue Crush
“Did you know that salt water is most closely related to human blood?” – In God’s Hands
“No shirt, no shoes, no dice.” – Fast Times at Ridgemont High
“I caught my first tube today, sir.” – Point Break
“That’s not a wave. That’s a ripple. I’ve seen bigger waves in my toilet.” – North Shore